CAMERA Snapshots: Iran Elected to UN Commission to Protect Women After Scheduling Execution of Raped Woman

Iranian woman.JPG

On April 14, Ahmed Shaheed, UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Iran, reported on the case of an Iranian woman who was scheduled to be executed for killing in self-defense an Iranian Intelligence Ministry official who she claimed lured her to his apartment and sexually assaulted her. Shaheed demanded that

The Iranian authorities should review her case and refer it back to court for a re-trial, ensuring that the defendant due process rights guaranteed under both Iranian law and international law,The Iranian authorities should review her case and refer it back to court for a re-trial, ensuring that the defendant due process rights guaranteed under both Iranian law and international law,

This case follows a well documented history of incidents in Iran of women being stoned to death under government auspices.

An article in the Daily Telegraph on May 30, 2013, reports on Iranian progress in human rights. The Iranian regime passed a law allowing for the hanging of adulterous women instead of burying them up to their necks and stoning them to death as was previously the punishment. Men are given a better chance. According to the Telegraph article, they are only buried up to their waists and if they can free themselves they can avoid being stoned to death.

On April 29, 2014, Iran won a coveted post on a committee in the United Nations Economics and Social Council charged with protecting women’s rights. The appointment has received minimal coverage in the media. An internet search on the morning of April 24 revealed, so far, only an article in the Canada Free Press discussing the topic in any detail.

While alternate media like the Canada Free Press draw attention to such stories, The New York Times meanwhile publishes an Op-Ed in its April 13 edition “Are Iran and Israel Trading Places?” suggesting that Iran is liberalizing and Israel becoming a theocracy. The Times Op-Ed brazenly states, “One is liberalizing while the other is flirting with theocracy.” Right.


FBI Gun Recovered from Bakersfield Gang

Local ABC affiliate KERO in Bakersfield reports that accused “East Side Crips” gang member John Thompson was pulled over by authorities on April 12, driving with a suspended license and a restraining order against him. An initial police search on the vehicle revealed a loaded Glock handgun whose serial number matched that of a firearm which had been reported stolen from an FBI agent in January, when his home was burglarized.

Thompson was booked on two felony charges: carrying a loaded firearm without registration and carrying a stolen loaded firearm. He was still in jail on Wednesday. His bail was set at $75,000. 

Gang-related crime is no stranger to the streets of SoCal. According to NBC News’ Los Angeles affiliate, a 21-year-old gunman was sentenced on Friday to 40 years to life in prison on four counts of attempted murder for a shooting that wounded four people at a Halloween party nearly two years ago on the campus of the University of Southern California. 

The deputy district attorney said that assailant Brandon Spencer was seeking vengeance when he opened fire on reputed Rollin’ 40 Crips member Geno Hall.

All New England Could Fit on BLM Land in Nevada; BLM Owns 0 Acres in New England | CNS News

Obama in Nevada

President Barack Obama in a field of solar panels in Nevada in 2012. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobsen) - The acreage the federal Bureau of Land Management currently owns in the state of Nevada is more than all the land in all of the states of New England combined, according to data published by the Congressional Research Service.

By contrast, the BLM does not own a single acre of land in any New England state.

New England, according to the Census Bureau, consists of six states: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. Together, these states encompass 40,400,640 acres.

Together these states contain 0 acres of BLM land.

BLM in Nevada and New England

Nevada contains a total of 70,264,320 acres. Of these, the federal government owns 56,961,778 acres, or 81.1 percent of the state. That leaves only 13,302,542, or 18.9 percent of the state for owners other than the federal government.

The federal government, in other words, owns more than four times as much land in Nevada as all other land owners combined.

Of the 56,961,778 acres of Nevada owned by the federal government, the BLM controls 47,805,923 acres. That is about 84 percent of the federally land in the state and 68 percent of all the land in the state.

The 47,805,923 acres that BLM owns in Nevada is 7,405,283 acres more—or 18.3 percent more—than all of New England.


Measles off to a fast start, as US cases trend up - Yahoo News

NEW YORK (AP) — Health officials are worried about recent U.S. measles outbreaks that so far have caused more illnesses than at the same point of any year since 1996.

Authorities say 129 cases in 13 states were reported by mid-April, the bulk of them in California and New York City. Most were triggered by travelers who caught the virus abroad and spread it in the United States among unvaccinated people. Many of the travelers had been to the Philippines, where a recent measles epidemic has caused at least 20,000 illnesses.

The U.S. numbers remain relatively tiny, but officials are worried to see case counts growing.

Since 2000, the highly contagious disease has been considered eliminated in the United States, aside from occasional small outbreaks sparked by overseas travelers. For most of the last decade, the nation was seeing only about 60 cases a year.

But since 2010, the average has been nearly 160.

"This increase in cases may be a ‘new normal,’ unfortunately," said Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University.

Contributing to the problem: Decades of measles vaccination campaigns have been so successful that many doctors have never seen a case, don’t realize how contagious it is, and may not take necessary steps to stop it from spreading.

Among the 58 cases reported from California, at least 11 were infected in doctor’s offices, hospitals or other health-care settings, according to a report released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. New York City health officials say two of their 26 cases were infected in medical facilities.

"It’s a shock to younger physicians that their own waiting room or emergency room is where people can get measles," said the CDC’s Dr. Anne Schuchat.


HuffPo to Jimmy Fallon: Stay On the Plantation, Or Else

Bulletproof Subways A Sign Of Violent Times? « CBS Chicago

Protective glass encases the counter at a Subway near 116th and South Halsted. (Credit: Dave Savini)

Protective glass encases the counter at a Subway near 116th and South Halsted. (Credit: Dave Savini)

CHICAGO (CBS) — While out on an unrelated assignment, CBS 2 investigative reporter Dave Savini decided to stop by a South Side Subway sandwich shop for a meal.

Savini was struck by the fact that the counter of the store at 116th Street and South Halsted was encased in bullet-proof glass.

Such a sight would be common at crime magnets like gas stations or currency exchanges, but a Subway?

The store was clean and looked just like any other well-run Subway restaurant, except for the bullet-proof protection for the employees and lack of a bathroom for customers.

In fact, a few patrons asked for hand sanitizer because they couldn’t wash their hands.

Savini took a few photos and sent out a tweet, saying the scene was a sad depiction of gun violence in Chicago:

The restaurant is located on the border of the Roseland and West Pullman neighborhoods, which has seen its share of gang violence.

However, according to a Chicago Tribune analysis, crime in those areas recently has declined.

Nonetheless, both communities rank in the top 15 in Chicago for violent crime.


funny pictures

Dolly Parton singing “Jolene” @ 33 1/3rd..

Public school teachers confiscating and yelling about Bibles | The Daily Caller

kid reading Bible Getty Images  

This month in public school teachers confiscating Bibles and yelling at students about Bibles

Public school teachers across America are cracking down this month on kids who read the Bible during “read to myself” time or carry a personal copy of the canonical collection of sacred texts through school hallways.

On Tuesday, the family of a second-grade student at Hamilton Elementary School in the Houston suburb of Cypress claimed that the girl’s teacher took her Bible away during “read to myself” time.

Instead of complaining to school officials, the family, which wishes to remain anonymous, took its complaint to the Liberty Institute, a conservative Christian advocacy outfit, Houston-area CBS affiliate KHOU reports.

Michael Berry, one of the attorneys representing the family, noted that the actual incident occurred a couple weeks ago. He also noted that the Hamilton Elementary library includes copies of the Bible.

“So if it’s appropriate for their own library, why on earth would it not be appropriate for their own students?” Berry asked, according to KHOU.

Local parents were split on whether the teacher reacted appropriately when she allegedly swiped a little kid’s Bible during independent reading time.

“They are letting them read the Hunger Games,” parent Jennifer Muse told KHOU. “That’s kids killing kids. Why can’t she read the Bible?”

Another parent sided with the teacher, saying of the Bible that “there should be a definite separation.”

Meanwhile, a school district representative said students are supposed to find a “just right” book “read to myself” time. “Just right” means appropriate in terms of reading level as well as the very vague concept of genre. Apparently, the district has suggested, the teacher didn’t find the Bible “just right” for the second-grade girl.


2.7 Million ObamaCare Enrollees Remain Unaccounted For -

President Obama speaks about the status of the Affordable Care Act in the press briefing room of the White House on April 17, 2014.  -- AP

President Obama speaks about the status of the Affordable Care Act in the press briefing room of the White House on April 17, 2014. — AP

Affordable Care Act: President Obama has for a while been bragging that 8 million people have signed up for ObamaCare. But the administration still hasn’t released the state-by-state numbers to back up that number.

You’d think that with such good news, the administration would want to put out as many details as possible, as soon as possible. But judging by previous months, the latest Health and Human Services enrollment report is now nearly two weeks behind schedule.

As a result, we still don’t know where 2.7 million ObamaCare enrollees came from.

Here’s what we do know:

The exchanges run by 15 states and Washington, D.C., have reported final enrollment numbers at least through March, and most have numbers through April 15. The combined total for these exchanges is 2.6 million.

For the remaining 36 states, all we have are the numbers HHS released through February. At that point, these states accounted for 2.7 million sign-ups.

Add the two together, and you get 5.3 million. That means roughly 2.7 million must have signed up in just these 36 states after March 1 to reach the 8 million mark. And that means enrollment in these states must have doubled in just the last six weeks of a 28-week open enrollment period.

To call this an incredible achievement is putting it mildly, particularly since the state-run exchanges saw enrollment climb only 62% in those final six weeks.

So where did these 2.7 million come from? We won’t know until the HHS report comes out, which presumably could be any day now.

But even if Obama can account for these fantastic gains, there are still several questions that need answering.

First, of course, is: How many have paid?

Georgia says that only 48% of the 221,604 who enrolled through March 31 have paid their premiums. In South Carolina, only 59% of the 114,789 who enrolled through April 15 had done so.

Another question: Do the numbers account for people who dropped coverage earlier? We know at least some have been kicked off for nonpayment, and others canceled their plans for one reason or another. Is HHS netting out these losses, or is it simply adding new enrollment numbers on top of the old ones?

And, did the agency screen out duplicate enrollments? One broker told us that in the last month his company was encouraged to simply start a new application if something went wrong during the process, so as to speed things up. He figures 30% of the ObamaCare applications his firm handled in the home stretch were duplicates. Did these get counted in the final tally?

The mainstream media, unfortunately, have shown zero interest in trying to make sense of these numbers, much less independently verify them. Instead, they obeyed Obama’s command to “move on.”

But until we get more data, and get answers to these questions, we’re reluctant to accept any ObamaCare numbers put out by this administration.

Harry Reid’s Long, Steady Accretion of Power & Wealth | RealClearPolitics

The first of two parts

Last month, as the Senate was busy negotiating the final details of its Ukraine aid package, Majority Leader Harry Reid became temporarily distracted with a campaign finance issue. Since winning re-election in 2010, Reid’s campaign had purchased gifts for supporters and donors from vendors like Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, Nordstrom, and the Senate gift shop, among others. But one round of spending was directed to a less recognizable firm: Ryan Elisabeth, a jewelry line.

In 2012 and 2013, the campaign spent $31,267 purchasing gifts from the company, which is owned by Reid’s granddaughter, Ryan Elisabeth Reid.  All told, she took in nearly seven times more cash than all vendors of donor gifts combined during that period of time.

Veteran Nevada political journalist Jon Ralston first reported the news after receiving a tip about the expenditures. (Ryan Elisabeth’s last name did not appear on the FEC reports, and the senator’s office initially failed to confirm her identity.) While Sen. Reid does not appear to have broken the law, he understood that the purchases created a perception of favoritism. Lamenting the unwanted attention heaped on his granddaughter, he decided after the news broke that “it would be best to pay for her work out of my own pocket.”

This was not the first time that Reid had mixed family and politics — or potentially run afoul of ethics rules.

Harry Reid has spent more than 40 years in government, starting as a small city’s attorney and eventually becoming the most powerful senator in the country. He has raised tens of millions of dollars in political contributions, established himself as an institution in Nevada politics along the way, and made himself a very wealthy man. His humble roots — from growing up in a remote desert town to working six days a week as a Capitol police officer while in law school — are legend in Washington and Nevada. Reid exhibits the toughness of a once destitute boy who completely transformed his life through determination, hard work — and good luck.

 Some who have watched Reid closely over the years, however, say that his political and economic ascendance has made him increasingly willing to use his power (and apparent electoral resilience) in ways that appear unsavory or nepotistic. The jewelry purchases are only the latest example.


***Could someone check out the poor, tennis shoe wearing senator from Washington State & how she’s become so rich??

Kerry’s Mideast Peace Initiative Goes Down the Drain | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier

Oh well, nix that trip to Oslo.

Israel announced today that it was canceling peace talks with the Palestinians because Palestinian President Abbas decided to form a unity government with the terrorist group Hamas.

Come on guys, lets do this!

Come on guys, lets do this!

The nine-month period set for talks was about to end anyway, but Secretary of State Kerry had hoped for an extension.

The Israeli decision appears to fatally implode a process that seemed mainly designed to elevate Kerry to the pantheon of great Secretaries of State – solving the Israel-Palestine peace puzzle where all before had failed - and maybe pocket a Nobel Prize from the Norwegians.

The Israelis certainly didn’t want this distraction and didn’t need to be taking risks with their security at a time when they are already mortally imperiled by Iran and its rocket-wielding allies in southern Lebanon.

And the Palestinians just demonstrated their contempt for the process. Anyway, what they really want is not the West Bank, but Haifa.


High school senior forms petition with over ONE THOUSAND signatures against Michele Obama speaking at their high school graduation ‘because it would overshadow the students’ big day’

Hillary Discusses Her List of Achievements on Facebook

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Doug Ross @ Journal: AMORAL DECEPTION: The Democrats’ “Voting Rights” Fraud

By Hans von Spakovsky and Peter McGinley

Last Friday, in a speech at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference, President Obama proudly announced that the Justice Department had taken on more than 100 voting rights cases since 2009. The problem with that claim is that, since 2009, the Justice Department has taken on only 39 voting rights cases—and as former Voting Section lawyer Christian Adams points out, only 13 were related to protecting minority voting rights. And, with respect to some of the cases in which the department has been involved, it lost spectacularly—such as its false claim that South Carolina’s voter ID law was discriminatory.

Perhaps President Obama misspoke when he overstated the number of voting rights cases by more than 60—or perhaps he was misinformed by his Attorney General, Eric Holder. In fact, the ever-criticized Bush administration had a much better enforcement record with much higher case numbers than the Obama administration, as was outlined in a report released by the Justice Department’s Inspector General in March 2013. President Obama also made no mention of his administration’s unjustified dismissal of the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party—that would, after all, not fit the narrative he is trying to propagate. Regardless, President Obama’s exaggerated claims come as no surprise, especially given the setting of this particular speech.

Al Sharpton’s National Action Network conference in New York City, where Bertha Lewis, the former CEO of ACORN, an organization convicted of numerous voter registration frauds, participated in a panel discussion earlier in the week, was the perfect arena for the President’s inaccurate claims. In her remarks, Lewis declared that there is a “great fear” of what she called the “darker…new majority” that she says wields power in America. She went on to say that supporters of voter ID laws are attempting to implement a “South African apartheid-type thing where the masters of the universe still rule.” She is apparently unaware that Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s former president, supported voter ID laws or that South Africa today has much stricter ID requirements than any state in America.

Consider also that Al Sharpton keynoted a voting rights rally in Ohio this March where convicted voting fraudster and former Ohio poll worker Melowese Richardson was brought onto the stage and given a hero’s welcome. Sharpton embraced Richardson, despite her 2013 sentencing in state court for six counts of voter fraud (as well as her previous convictions for intimidating and threatening a witness in a case against her brother, DUI, theft, and participating in a bar fight). During the investigation into Ms. Richardson’s fraud, she showed no remorse for abusing her role as a guardian of the polls. As Judge Robert P. Ruehlman of Ohio put it, Richardson’s actions diluted her fellow citizens’ votes and infringed on the sacred doctrine of “one person, one vote.”

In light of President Obama’s claim that voting rights “justice” is being administered by the Department of Justice, it is worth noting that Melowese Richardson was never charged by the Justice Department—even though she admitted, on camera, to having voted for President Obama multiple times in 2012, which is a felony under federal law. This type of behavior may explain another claim by President Obama at last week’s conference: that there were “only 10 cases of alleged in-person voter impersonation in 12 years.”

If the DOJ is going to ignore cases in which voter fraud is being openly admitted, their prosecution statistics will continue to lose any semblance of credibility. Not surprisingly, the President ignored the hundreds of people that North Carolina just discovered to have voted twice in the 2012 election and the numerous other cases of voter fraud that have been successfully prosecuted over the past decade by state and local authorities. That wouldn’t fit his narrative either.

The President denounces voter fraud as myth, while ignoring documented cases of blatant voter fraud. In his Friday speech, President Obama said that all Americans must have an equal right to vote and that he is in favor of common sense reform to secure the ballot. Voter fraud prevents Americans from holding an equal right to vote because, as Judge Ruehlman said, the votes of honest Americans are diminished when fraud is committed. And what could be a more common sense reform than requiring the same kind of ID that the government requires visitors to show when they enter a government building—such as the White House or the Department of Justice?

Read more at The Foundry

Doug Ross