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George Harrison Treet

George Harrison Tree

George Harrison was rememberd by hundreds of fans in Grifffith Park. A plaque was unveiled next to a tree planted in his honor with family members and special guests present. (Credit Image: Chuck Green/

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A tree planted in Los Angeles to honor former Beatle George Harrison has been killed — by beetles.

Councilman Tom LaBonge says the pine grew to more than 12 feet tall before succumbing to a bark beetle infestation.

The tree was removed last month. LaBonge says it will be replanted in the fall.

After Harrison’s 2001 death in Los Angeles, the pine was planted near Griffith Observatory. A small plaque at the base commemorates the guitarist and songwriter, who had a deep appreciation of gardening.

LaBonge says several trees at Griffith Park have been killed by the beetles.

Sierra Leone’s chief Ebola doctor contracts the virus

130 Environmental Groups Call For An End To Capitalism | The Daily Caller

130 Environmental Groups Call For An End To Capitalism

Environmentalists have declared that global warming can’t be stopped without ending the “hegemonic capitalist system,” saying that cap-and-trade systems and conservation efforts are “false solutions.”

“The structural causes of climate change are linked to the current capitalist hegemonic system,” reads the final draft of the Margarita Declaration, presented at a conference including about 130 environmental groups.

“To combat climate change it is necessary to change the system,” the declaration adds.

Environmental activists met in the oil producing, socialist country of Venezuela as part of a United Nations-backed event to increase civil engagement in the lead up to a major climate conference.

But environmentalists surprised U.N. officials by offering up a declaration that not only seeks to end capitalism, but one that also opposes U.N.-backed efforts to fight global warming — namely, cap-and-trade and forest conservation programs.

Climate-change news analysis site RTCC reports that it’s unclear which groups signed onto the declaration, adding that it runs in the face of the “green economy” solutions to global warming backed by rich nations.

But many poor countries, like Venezuela, do not support a “green economy” solution to global warming, instead, arguing that rich countries should give poor nations cash payments and technology transfers.

Rejection of cap-and-trade and forest conservation programs also fly in the face of U.S. and European environmental groups, which back programs to limit and price carbon dioxide emissions.

In the U.S., environmentalists rallied behind the Environmental Protection Agency proposals to cut carbon dioxide emissions from new and existing power plants — a plan that would force the shutdown of coal-fired power plants.

“Climate disruption is the greatest challenge facing our generation,” Michael Brune, the director of the Sierra Club, said in a statement in June. “Until now, power plants have been allowed to dump unlimited amounts of carbon pollution into our air, driving dangerous climate disruption, and fueling severe drought, wildfires, heat waves and superstorms.”

The EPA’s plan to cut emissions from power plants has been attacked by the coal industry and Republicans who say it will harm the U.S. economy without doing much to help the climate.

Climate change hits all Pentagon operations, official says | TheHill

All Pentagon operations in the U.S. and abroad are threatened by climate change, according to a Defense Department official.

"The effects of the changing climate affect the full range of Department activities, including plans, operations, training, infrastructure, acquisition, and longer-term investments," Daniel Chiu, deputy assistant secretary of Defense for strategy and force development, told senators at a hearing on Tuesday.

"By taking a proactive, flexible approach to assessment, analysis, and adaptation, the Department can keep pace with the impacts of changing climate patterns, minimize effects on the Department, and continue to protect our national security interests," Chiu added.

Chiu testified before a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee on the implications of energy and climate change policies.

Given the perceived threats, Chiu said climate change is playing a key role in international efforts.

"We plan to more fully integrate the impacts of climate change into our humanitarian assistance, disaster relief and other exercise plans," Chiu said.

Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) ranking member on the subcommittee, challenged the notion that climate change issues must play a key role abroad.

Barrasso railed against the Obama administration’s international climate change programs from 2010 to 2012, which he said cost the U.S. taxpayer $7.5 billion that should have been spent on fighting terrorism and aggression in the Middle East or Eastern Europe.

"Folks in my home state of Wyoming would call this spending wasteful and irresponsible at best, especially as our friends and allies struggle with violent, deadly crises that have real implications for our security," Barrasso said.

Russia’s energy stranglehold on Ukraine, which received global attention after the annexation of Crimea, shows no end in sight, and has drummed up concern among U.S. lawmakers over U.S. energy security and where, if at all, climate change should be included in energy talks.

Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) said the two issues are linked more now than ever when it comes to international conflicts and U.S. foreign policy.

"Two major factors have emerged in the modern era that act to strain the strands of stability until they snap; climate change and energy security," Markey said on Tuesday.


SiliConMan: Anti-Obama Street Artists Strike Silicon Valley | Truth Revolt

Anti-Obama street art appeared Monday night in Silicon Valley, where President Obama and Nancy Pelosi are scheduled to speak at yet another $32,000 per-couple fundraiser with California’s rich and powerful on Wednesday.

In one series, titled SiliConMan, the president is pictured in a fedora, smoking a cigarette and winking. The text reads, “Leading from behind, fundraising in your face.”

Another series plays on the classic iPod advertisements from Silicon Valley juggernaut Apple Computers and features President Obama’s silhouette holding an NSA listening device under the mock brand name “iSnoop.” 

Other posters see the president holding a map of Silicon Valley alongside his famous quote, “You didn’t build that.”

In addition to the posters, a mocking faux-invitation was mailed to all of the Los Altos Hills neighbors of the fundraiser’s host, restaurateur and real estate broker George Marcus, inviting them to “A Feast in Time of Plague.” 

The street artists posted more photos of their satirical campaign in an anonymous online gallery. They can be found here:

This is not the first time renegade street artists have spoken truth to Democrat power. On Tuesday, posters appeared around the Los Angeles home of Shonda Rhimes, the producer of the TV show Scandal who is hosting the scandal-ridden Obama for still another high-dollar fundraiser while he is on the West Coast.

Obama Gives ICE the Cold Shoulder | National Review Online

Sources say immigration agents believe the federal government is deliberately not giving them work.

President Obama is encouraging Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to slack off on the job, former border cops tell National Review Online.

Some ICE officials think the Obama administration has intentionally neglected to give them orders to support efforts to resolve the crisis on America’s southwestern border, says Ronald Colburn, former national deputy chief of the U.S. Border Patrol. As a result, the wave of unaccompanied children from Central America is unfolding while ICE officials cool their heels.

“They’re sitting still at their desks — reading newspapers, playing video games on their government computers — because they’re not being tasked with work, and they feel like it’s coming all the way down from the top,” Colburn tells NRO. “These are guys that do want to go out more, but basically they’re not.” Colburn says some ICE agents go work out at the gym for four hours each day because they have little work to do. Meanwhile, he says, the Obama administration continues to “strangle” Border Patrol agents who must process and handle the latest flood of Central Americans rather than stand guard at the border.

Border Patrol agents are often referred to as “catchers” because they are tasked with apprehending and processing illegal aliens crossing the border. ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations officers are dubbed “removers” because of their added responsibility of deporting illegal aliens.

Dave Stoddard, executive vice president of the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council and a retired Border Patrol agent with several decades of experience on America’s borders, tells National Review Online that ICE agents have voiced their complaints with him about how little work they have to do. “These ICE officers are sitting, in some cases, in brand new offices, brand-new furniture and the telephone that never rings, and brand-new cars with no place to go,” Stoddard says. “They’re on the payroll and they need to entertain themselves or occupy themselves some way or other.” Stoddard says some officers review law books while others choose to hone their skills at the shooting range because of the light workload.

An ICE spokesperson declined to comment to NRO about this story.


Lois Lerner’s Hard Drive Was ‘Scratched’ | The Daily Caller

Lois Lerner’s Hard Drive Was ‘Scratched’ Then ‘Shredded’

Ex-IRS official Lois Lerner’s computer hard drive was “scratched” and the data on it was still recoverable. But the IRS did not try to recover the data from Lerner’s hard drive, despite recommendations from in-house IRS IT experts to outsource the recovery project.

The hard drive was then “shredded,” according to a court filing the IRS made to House Ways and Means Committee investigators.

The IRS claims that it lost Lerner’s emails from 2009 to 2011 including emails to and from the White House, when her computer crashed in the midst of the agency’s conservative targeting program. The IRS also claimed in a transcribed interview that many other IRS employees who worked under Lerner in her Washington, D.C. department and its Cincinnati-based affiliate also experienced computer crashes that deleted their emails, bringing the total number of crash victims to “less than 20.”

IRS officials trying to deal with investigations into the IRS scandal first learned on February 2, 2014 that many of Lerner’s emails were missing, according to new transcribed testimony, and confirmed that her computer had crashed two days later. But IRS Commissioner John Koskinen failed to disclose Lerner’s computer crash at a House Oversight hearing the very next month.


Kerry, Aides Undergo Metal Detector Screening Before Meeting With Egyptian President « CBS DC

Secretary of State John Kerry gestures upon his arrival for a meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas in the West Bank city of Ramallah on July 23, 2014. (credit: ABBAS MOMANI/AFP/Getty Images)

Secretary of State John Kerry gestures upon his arrival for a meeting with Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas in the West Bank city of Ramallah on July 23, 2014. (credit: ABBAS MOMANI/AFP/Getty Images)

TEL AVIV, Israel (CBS News/CBSDC/AP) — Secretary of State John Kerry defied a Federal Aviation Administration ban and flew into Israel’s main airport Wednesday in a sign of sheer will to achieve a cease-fire agreement in the warring Gaza Strip despite little evidence of progress in ongoing negotiations aimed at halting fighting that’s left at least 31 Israelis and 650 Palestinians dead.

Kerry’s arrival in Israel came as Israeli troops battled Hamas militants near a southern Gaza Strip town as dozens of Palestinian families trapped by the fighting scrambled to flee the area.

It also came as Israel closed the border crossing into Gaza at Erez “until further notice,” citing the heavy fighting.

Kerry planned to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon during what appeared to be a crucial day in the flailing talks.

Kerry reported some progress, reports the Reuters news agency, which quotes him as saying soon after he got to Jerusalem for a meeting with Ban,”We have certainly made some steps forward. There is still work to be done.”

Kerry flew to Tel Aviv from Cairo, where he met Tuesday with Egypt’s president and other high-level officials.

An unusual screening process occurred involving Kerry and his State Department team as they were subjected to a metal detector before meeting with President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi at the Egyptian presidential palace.

Reuters reports that Kerry and his aides were checked with a metal detector. Security personnel reportedly raised a handheld metal-detector wand to Kerry’s suit jacket before waving him through.

Kerry’s aides were also subjected to the handheld wand and were told to walk through a metal detector.


Jihadi cleric calls for Muslim fighters to join the fighting in Gaza | JPost | Israel News

"Our heart yearns to arrive and fight the sons and brothers of the apes and pigs," says rebel fighter.

isis caliphate

Militants from “Caliphate” The Islamic State Photo: REUTERS

A new jihadi media outlet called Al-Fawaris released a video calling on Gazans to endure the military operation, saying that victory looms and that Muslims all over the world support them.

According to a report published on Monday by the MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor, the video also features jihadi cleric Abu hareth Al-Maqdisi threatening Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, saying his demise is coming soon.

Sisi’s killing of Muslims in Egypt is part of a Zionist-Crusader plot against the Gazans, Maqdisi said.

“You won’t sit for long in your position, because what happened to [former Egyptian president Hosni] Mubarak and [former Egyptian president Anwar] Sadat will happen to you as well,” he said, in reference to Mubarak’s stepping down from the presidency following protests in 2011 and to Sadat’s assassination in 1981.

Maqdisi, whose name attests to his Palestinian origin, is currently in Syria.

“The general impression is that Al-Fawaris is close to the Islamic State, inter alia due to its use of the flag identified with the Islamic State, and due to the shared concept of shattering the Sykes-Picot boundaries that is advertised in the notice announcing the establishment of this media body,” the report said.

“The Al-Fawaris Institute for Information Productions will focus on the affairs of the Muslims in al-Sham [Greater Syria], because al-Sham is not what the apostates delineated [in terms of its boundaries]. Al-Sham is as it was in ancient times… From the Euphrates in Iraq to El-Arish in Egypt,” according to a post that appeared on Twitter with the establishment of the organization.

“Oh our brothers in Gaza, know that you are fighting an enemy following Satan’s path, whereas you are fighting in the way of [Allah] the merciful,” Maqdisi said.

He added that he and his fighters want to join the fighting in Gaza.

“True, we are fighting in Syria, but our heart yearns to arrive and fight the sons and brothers of the apes and pigs [the Jews],” MEMRI reported Maqdisi as saying The jihadi cleric said that Gazans must be patient and wait for either victory or martyrdom, adding that Allah will soon send “extraordinary soldiers who will fight and defeat the Jews.”

“The days of defeats have passed. Our concept today is offensive and therefore you must attack them [the Jews] so they won’t attack you, hold on, fortify yourself and trust in Allah so you may succeed,” Maqdisi said.

He threatened Israel, stating that the Jews will not be able to sleep because of the sounds of artillery, and that soldiers will reach and destroy them.

Calling on Muslims to help the struggle in Gaza, he said, “If you help them, Allah will help you, if you abandon them, Allah will abandon you. The choice is yours because on Judgment Day they will ask you did you help the Gazans or the men of al-Sham or not.”

World suspension of Israel flights a ‘great victory’: Hamas

Mayfly Emergence So Huge It Shows Up On Weather Radar

Fair warning: Do not continue reading if bugs give you goose bumps and gross you out. We’re talking lots and lots of mayflies.

Mating season this summer is creating a mass buzz in the upper Mississippi River Valley

Sunday evening, wary Wisconsinites near La Crosse crawled for cover, while others caught the swarm of flies on camera. 

The bugs even appeared on the weather radar as they emanated from the river bottom to mate, breed and spread. (Yellow indicates a higher concentration of energy.)

Mayfly Emergence So Huge It Shows Up On Weather Radar

The females return to the river to lay eggs, which one video shows hatching moments after being laid. 


Dr. Bennett Jordan, from the National Pest Management Association, told Yahoo that for residents near these bugs, it might be wise to stay inside and of course, drive carefully. He also advised that home and business owners, “can minimize populations in an immediate area by changing lighting. Mercury-vapor lamps should be replaced with high pressure sodium vapor lamps and white incandescent and fluorescent bulbs should be replaced with yellow bulbs.”


Dr. Jordan also added some mayfly facts that are too interesting not to pass along. They are, oddly enough, not flies at all, as flies are from a different order. There are 610 species of mayflies, and adults live only a few hours to a few days.

The mayfly activity apparently signals healthy water quality and nature at its swarmiest.

22 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Summer Than You

1. Anyone leaving the beach looking like this:

Anyone leaving the beach looking like this:


22 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Summer Than You

NUKE JERSEY: Cop-Killer’s Wife Wished He’d Killed More Cops Before Dying - Bearing Arms

Angelique Campbell wishes her ex-con drug dealer husband had killed more police officers.

Angelique C______ wishes her ex-con drug dealer husband had killed more police officers than just the one officer he ambushed and killed in hopes of getting “famous.”

A New Jersey ex-con wanted on a murder warrant hoped to get “famous” by going out as a cop killer. Since he couldn’t get a firearm legally due to his convictions, he robbed an armed security guard of his handgun at knifepoint at a local Walgreens pharmacy, and waited in ambush as police officers arrived to answer the 911 call. Rookie police officer Melvin Santiago was one of the first officers on the scene, and was gunned down before he could even get out of his car.

The cop killer was shot down by other officers before he could cause any more deaths.

The reaction of the ex-con’s wife was stunning.

She showed little remorse that her husband was a murderer, and display only sadness that he didn’t kill more police officers before he was taken out.

Friends and relatives of L______ C_____*, the ex-con who shot a rookie Jersey City cop to death outside a drug store early Sunday, have erected a makeshift memorial to the gunman in his hardscrabble neighborhood.

More shocking still, C_____’s wife said Monday her husband should have killed more officers if they were planning to kill him.

“That’s how I feel. God forgive me, but that’s how I feel,” Angelique C_____ told News 12 New Jersey at the memorial. “If that’s the case, he should’ve took more with him. If they was going to stand over my husband and shoot him like a f—ing dog, he should’ve took all of them the f— out.”

I can’t understand this mindset… and I’m not sure that I want to. There is something deeply and morally perverse in the kind of person who views law enforcement officers and the society they protect as obstacles to be overcome as they indulge themselves in criminal behavior. I wish that we could blame these thoughts on just dead criminal’s wife, but it doesn’t come close to stopping with him.

A local resident defended the murderer as a “good person”  who “looked out for everybody on the block.”

His community even created a shrine for him, although his accomplishments in life seemed to be little more a rap sheet and the misery he left behind.

A makeshift memorial for the cop-killing convinct.

A makeshift memorial for the murderer.

Citizen control cultists intentionally overlook the cultural problem that is the real issue in the overwhelming majority of crimes blamed on firearms, but guns aren’t creating a shrine to a cop-killer in Jersey City… people who admire a ex-con, suspected murderer, and cop killer are doing that.

We don’t have a gun problem in this nation, we have a culture problem.

* Bearing Arms will not give the murdering ex-con the fame he desires by naming him.


The Money It Takes to Assemble “The Expendables” | Celebrity Net Worth


When “The Expendables" came out during the late summer of 2010 people were divided about whether it would live up to the hype or not.  Sylvester Stallone wrote, directed, and starred in the movie.  He was in the midst of a comeback of sorts, after his “Rocky" and "Rambo" sequels in 2006 and 2008, respectively, and he’d surrounded himself with a grab-bag of fellow action stars.  From his 80s film action competition (Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis, and Arnold Schwarzenegger), to 80s stars whose careers had gone sideways (Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts), to overseas action stars that had stormed the American market (Jet Li and Jason Statham), to up and comers (Terry Crews and Steve Austin), “The Expendables” seemed on track to be a slam-dunk.  It took in over $100 million at the box office domestically, on an $80 million budget.  It’s overseas take made it even more profitable.  It was the beginning of a very lucrative franchise.  However, it was also the beginning of a revolving door of action stars.  Some have signed on the for long haul, but others have come and gone, or are just now signing on. The reason for the ever-shifting cast?  Well… it basically comes down to a combination of big personalities and money.  As Hollywood gears up for the release of “The Expendables 3”, here’s a look at what it takes to assemble the ultimate action team by the numbers.


Who Has Left the Franchise:

Mickey Rourke

Salary: Approx. $400,000

Mickey Rourke has had a straight-up strange career.  He went from being a Hollywood golden-boy to completely unhire-able, with a stop in the boxing ring along the way.  When he began his phoenix-like rise from the ashes with his role in “Sin City”, he was almost unrecognizable.  Sylvester Stallone has a reputation for having a long memory and loyal streak, so he reached out to his fellow 80s movie alum and offered him a gig.  Due to his reputation, Mr. Rourke was not commanding the big bucks back in 2010.  In fact, he was making $400,000 a picture or less, which is a piddly amount for an Oscar nominee.  Casting him wasn’t going to break the bank.  2010 proved to be  a breakout year for him, however, and when “The Expendables 2″ rolled around, he turned it down to work with critically-acclaimed director, Martin McDonagh, on his film, “Seven Psychopaths”.  He subsequently dropped out of the film after disagreements with the director.

Bruce Willis

Salary: Approx. $500,000

Bruce Willis agreed to do his old friend, former restaurant partner, and box office competition a solid, when he signed on for a cameo in the first “Expendables” film.  The cameo, which involved a conversation between Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Stallone, just about made action aficionados’ heads explode.  His role was expanded for the “Expendables 2″, capitalizing on Willis’ resurgence at the box office after “RED” and the critically-acclaimed “Moonrise Kingdom”.  When “The Expendables 3″ rolled around, he asked for more money.  A LOT more money in fact.  Stallone wanted to book him for four days and Willis wanted $4 million for it.  That went over like a lead balloon, and the pair commenced to throw down in the way of all Hollywood celebrities these days.  They had a short Twitter war.  The end result?  Willis was canned, and Stallone replaced him with another aging star almost immediately – apparently for less money.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Salary:  Approx. $1.5 million

Like Mickey Rourke, Jean-Claude Van Damme went from major star to total washout over the course of ten years.  Personal demons and undiagnosed bipolar disorder made him nearly impossible to work with, and there was a period of time when gigs proved very elusive.  However, his darkly comic turn in “JCVD” in 2008 and the reboot of the “Universal Soldier” franchise the following year, gave him a boost. When “The Expendables 2″ began casting, he signed on to play the bad guy, a role that was a bit of a departure from all of his hero tough guy roles of the 80s.  His dollar amount per picture has fluctuated over the years, but he probably made somewhere in the ballpark of the number listed above.

Chuck Norris

Salary: Approx. $500,000

Chuck Norris began his action career in the 70s, and has worked steadily ever since. Now in his 70s himself, he still manages to be more quietly “bad-ass” than many current action stars.  He reportedly signed on to work on “The Expendables 2″, because he wanted to hang out with current action stars like Jason Statham and Terry Crews.  He’d never met them and he was curious.  Action fans everywhere did a happy dance when Norris’ casting was announced, but their joy was short-lived.  He announced that he would not be returning to the franchise almost as soon as the second film wrapped.  His reasons had less to do with money, and more to do with the expletive-laden script.  Turns out Mr. Norris doesn’t appreciate swearing in his movie projects and when the producers didn’t come through with their agreement to release a sanitized version of “The Expendables 2″, Norris bowed out of future installments.

With so many departures after “The Expendables 2″, Sylvester Stallone started making phone calls.  Here’s a quick rundown of some of the more important members of the new cast and their approximate paychecks.


Who’s Signed on For #3:

Harrison Ford 

Salary:  Less than $1 million

Harrison Ford doesn’t really need an introduction does he?  He’s Han Solo and Indiana Jones for pity’s sake.  However, the last decade or so has been full of ups and downs for everyone’s favorite intergalactic/explorer hero, and he seems to have decided that the best thing to do is just to sign on for as many sequels as he can stand.  Beginning with 2013′s “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues”, he’s slated to appear in four other sequels over the course of the next two years.  His salary is approximate, but we do know without a shadow of a doubt that he is being paid less than a million per day. He was the actor hired to replace Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone full on tweeted that he’d found someone great for cheaper – so – of course it’s true.

Wesley Snipes

Salary:  Approx. $400,000

Like many other men on this list, there was a time when Wesley Snipes could do no wrong in Hollywood.  He seemed able to go from hard action, like the “Blade” trilogy, to romantic drama like “Disappearing Acts”, to comedy like “To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar”, without missing a beat.  Basically, he was Will Smith before Will Smith had become the entertainment juggernaut that is Will Smith.  Unfortunately, Wesley Snipes was not so good at managing his money, and he was jailed for three years for failure to file his taxes.  He was released in 2013, and this is first major film role since then.  Now in his early 50s, the former action star and 5th dan black belt in Karate needs a career boost.  It only makes sense to sign on for a project with Sylvester Stallone, since comebacks seem to be what Mr. Stallone is so good at.

Antonio Banderas

Salary:  Approx: $400,000

Antonio Banderas was already a major star in Spain when he decided to try for a career in Hollywood.  In the early 90s, he truly broke through, appearing in “Philadelphia”, “Interview with the Vampire”, and “Desperado”, back to back to back.  By the time he starred in “The Mask of Zorro” in 1998, he’d become a household name in the US.  The early 2000s saw him earning paychecks in the $10 million to $15 million range.  Then it began to seem as if the lights had gone out on his career.  He released flop after flop, and slowly began to disappear from the public eye.  While he has had a few moderately successful projects, he hasn’t had a hit in many years.  Of late, he’s returned to making movies in Spain, so “The Expendables 3″ represents a chance to re-emerge in the American market.

Mel Gibson

Salary:  Approx: $400,000

Remember when Mel Gibson was an Oscar-winning, golden-boy, maverick director and actor, who turned in award-winning performance after award-winning performance no matter the genre?  Yeah, a lot of people remember that Mel Gibson.  However, that Mel Gibson seems to have gone into retirement a while ago, and next to no one has been interested in interacting with the new Mel Gibson.  From his controversial and inflammatory comments, to his sudden propensity for violence, Mel Gibson went from everyone’s favorite leading man in Hollywood to the man everyone crossed the street to get away from.  Sylvester Stallone is basically throwing him a life-jacket with a role in “The Expendables 3″.  Whether it will have any affect on his career remains to be seen.

Who We’ll Never See:

Steven Seagal

Salary:  N/A

With so many action stars signing on to work on “The Expendables” franchise, you’d figure Steven Seagal would be jumping at the chance to work with his action buddies.  Such is not the case, however.  In fact, Seagal has made it clear that he probably won’t ever join the cast, saying, “I just didn’t like some of the people involved.  Life is too short to work with funny people.”  Ouch.  Them’s fightin’ words.  Long story short, no amount of money will entice him to work with Sylvester Stallone and crew, so we all might as well stop hoping and wishing.

The Simpsons to make TV history with FXX marathon showing all 522 episodes | Mail Online

Ay Caramba!

Every episode of The Simpsons will be shown on U.S. television in a forthcoming marathon set to be the largest in television history.

There will be a chronological showing of all 25 seasons plus The Simpsons Movie starting on the FXX channel on August 21.

The episodes will run for 24 hours a day until midnight on September 1.

Historic marathon: The Simpsons will be shown in chronological order over 12 days during a marathon starting August 21 on FXX

Historic marathon: The Simpsons will be shown in chronological order over 12 days during a marathon starting August 21 on FXX

The marathon will show all 522 episodes of the animated comedy that parodies American family life through its depiction of parents Homer and Marge and their children Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

And in October, FXX will launch the Simpsons World digital service that will allow authenticated users on-demand access to every Simpsons episode, according to a report on Tuesday by Variety.

The episodes will be accessed through and FXNow apps on mobile phones, gaming consoles, tablets, Smart TVs and other set-top devices.

Starting on September 2, FXX will show eight-episode blocks of The Simpsonsevery Sunday from 4pm ahead of the show’s airing on Fox at 8 p.m.

Simpsons app: The Simpsons World also will launch in October making every episode available digitally to subscribers

Simpsons app: The Simpsons World also will launch in October making every episode available digitally to subscribers

Series creator: The Simpsons creator Matt Groening is shown with Bart and Homer in February 2012 when he received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Series creator: The Simpsons creator Matt Groening is shown with Bart and Homer in February 2012 when he received a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame