Spectator: London Rally ‘Disgusting Anti-Semitic Spectacle’ | Truth Revolt

Saturday saw yet another anti-Semitic protest against Israel’s counter-terrorism activities in Gaza, this time in the streets of London. Unsurprisingly, the riot quickly proved anti-Semitic, with protestors comparing Israel to Nazi Germany and holding signs alleging Israeli state terror and apartheid similar to South Africa.

Douglas Murray of The Spectator observed the rally:

Thousands of anti-Semites have today succeeded in bringing central London to an almost total standstill.

They marched though the centre of the city before congregating to scream outside the Israeli Embassy in Kensington. It was interesting to watch this rather non-diverse crowd pass. Most of the women seem to be wearing headscarves or the burka, while their men-folk were naturally more appropriately dressed for a sweltering summer day.

But what a picture. These are the people who stayed at home throughout the Syrian civil war, stayed at home when ISIS rampaged across Iraq, stayed at home when Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab carried out their atrocities across central Africa and showed no concern whatsoever when the Muslim Brotherhood was running Egypt into the ground. Yet they pretend to care about Muslims.

And here they all are, coming out to scream because Israel is carrying out the most specific and targeted campaign in the history of warfare in order to stop Hamas – a group dedicated to the annihilation of all Jews – from firing thousands of rockets into the Jewish homeland.

I suppose some of the people in London today might still try to pretend that they don’t hate Jews. Perhaps some of them would not even do what their co-religionists in France did last week when – intent on violence – they blockaded worshippers inside a Synagogue. But there is only one explanation for their horrible beliefs and actions.


The Arab Spring in Europe

It is not difficult to portray Western women as licentious whores. For Muslim men, the West has no honor whatsoever. Even if immigrants try to adopt the culture of their new countries, the cultural and religious indoctrination breeds only the rejection of all the values of the host countries. What we are witnessing is not multiculturalism; it is a violent attempt by guests to devour their hosts, along with their houses, property, culture and legacy.

In a 1996 interview, Hamas founder and leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin stated that “every Arab rule that does not rule by the law of Allah and his religion is to be rejected.” That was 17 years ago, long before the so-called Arab Spring, the terrorist attacks in the United States and Europe and the “days of rage” declared by Muslim rioters worldwide; now the breathing spaces between the attacks get shorter, and turn into years of rage.

One would expect that Muslim immigrants, whose children were born in the West, would adapt, become part of the Western society and partake of its freedom — otherwise, why did they immigrate? What we see, however, is the opposite. The beheading of a British soldier in London, and the murder of a soldier in France, are only the beginning of a wave of violence and a dictatorship of fundamentalists who will call the tune. The wave of riots and vandalism carried out by Muslim immigrants in France in 2005 was just a hint at what is to come. The immigrants are brainwashed in the mosques, the madrasas [Islamic religious schools] and informal discussion groups, all of which represent the West as worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

Western women in particular are easy prey; it is not difficult to portray them as licentious whores. Since in Muslim culture the honor of a man is dependent on the behavior of his woman (like chattel), especially when it comes to accepting the laws of modesty, chastity and sexual conduct in general, for Muslim men the West has no honor whatsoever. The face of Europe is changing rapidly, as is clear to anyone walking along a street in Paris, London or Berlin. The veiled women are immediately obvious, their hair covered by hijabs or their faces covered with niqabs; their personalities, identities, features and femininity obliterated, their freedom of movement hindered, ground under the heel of religious dictates chained to the past, despite their living in enlightened, progressive Western countries.

Even if immigrants try to adopt the culture of their new countries, the cultural and religious indoctrination breeds only the rejection of all the values of the host country. As Sheikh Yassin put it, “Islam rejects all the cultural and social aspects of the West that contradict Islam and its religious laws [the sharia], for example, we reject women going with the faces uncovered, prostitution and all the immoral aspects of life in the [Western] world.”

It was not by chance that the pepper-sprayed “woman in red” became the icon of the struggle against Islamization in Turkey. We saw women at the demonstrations in the main square of Istanbul shouting “Run, Erdogan, run, the women are coming!” The Western world, until now nodding sagely and saying it is a matter of cultural differences, is beginning to realize that it will have to pay a heavy price for its tolerant approach to the murders, “honor killings,” rapes, oppression, abuse of and traffic in women and girls — not only in the Islamic countries but among the Islamic immigrants in the West.

There are, broadly, two different movements, heading in opposite directions: The West looks forward and seeks progress, the welfare of the individual and scientific achievements. The Muslim immigrants, on the other hand, look longingly backward, their faces turned resolutely to the days of Muhammad. For both, the status of women is an indication of the struggle for the face of the West. The gap is widening and the liberal approach is collapsing along with its hypocritical double standards, political correctness and submission to multiculturalism. What we are witnessing is not multiculturalism, it is a violent attempt made by guests in various countries to devour their hosts whole, along with their houses and property, culture and legacy. For anyone who has not been paying attention, the Arab Spring has arrived in Europe, and it would be a good idea to get ready to deal with it.

Anat Berko, Ph.D, , conducts research for the National Security Council, and is a research fellow at the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism at the Interdisciplinary Center in Israel. She was a visiting professor at George Washington University and has written two books about suicide bombers, “The Path to Paradise,” and the recently released,The Smarter Bomb: Women and Children as Suicide Bombers (Rowman & Littlefield)


Microsoft Memo Buries Layoff News in 11th Paragraph, Greets Readers with Cheery ‘Hello There’ | CNS News


On Thursday, Microsoft announced it would cut 18,000 jobs (14% of the company workforce) in the next year, the largest reduction in company history. Since its acquisition of Nokia, experts predicted there would be some layoffs, but the number is double the amount predicted.

Stephen Elop, head of Microsoft’s device unit (the hardest hit by the layoffs) and former CEO of Nokia, proceeded to bury the news about 12,500 layoffs in the eleventh paragraph of a corporate memo.  Elop begins the memo with a cheery “Hello there,” stating Microsoft’s strategy is “focused on productivity and our desire to help people ‘do more.” He goes on to explain the company plans to “refocus efforts” and concentrate on its phones, the “area it can add the most value.”

Elop continues for several more paragraphs explaining the new strategy and plan for the company. After going on and on, he finally delivers the news employees are waiting to read in two sentences: “We plan that this would result in an estimated reduction of 12,500 factory direct and professional employees over the next year. These decisions are difficult for the team, and we plan to support departing team members’ with severance benefits.”

Elop closes the memo giving an overview of what’s next for his department and a heartfelt “regards.”

Read the entire memo below.

Hello there,

Microsoft’s strategy is focused on productivity and our desire to help people “do more.” As the Microsoft Devices Group, our role is to light up this strategy for people. We are the team creating the hardware that showcases the finest of Microsoft’s digital work and digital life experiences, and we will be the confluence of the best of Microsoft’s applications, operating systems and cloud services.

To align with Microsoft’s strategy, we plan to focus our efforts. Given the wide range of device experiences, we must concentrate on the areas where we can add the most value. The roots of this company and our future are in productivity and helping people get things done. Our fundamental focus - for phones, Surface, for meetings with devices like PPI, Xbox hardware and new areas of innovation — is to build on that strength. While our direction in the majority of our teams is largely unchanging, we have had an opportunity to plan carefully about the alignment of phones within Microsoft as the transferring Nokia team continues with its integration process.

It is particularly important to recognize that the role of phones within Microsoft is different than it was within Nokia. Whereas the hardware business of phones within Nokia was an end unto itself, within Microsoft all our devices are intended to embody the finest of Microsoft’s digital work and digital life experiences, while accruing value to Microsoft’s overall strategy. Our device strategy must reflect Microsoft’s strategy and must be accomplished within an appropriate financial envelope. Therefore, we plan to make some changes.

We will be particularly focused on making the market for Windows Phone. In the near term, we plan to drive Windows Phone volume by targeting the more affordable smartphone segments, which are the fastest growing segments of the market, with Lumia. In addition to the portfolio already planned, we plan to deliver additional lower-cost Lumia devices by shifting select future Nokia X designs and products to Windows Phone devices. We expect to make this shift immediately while continuing to sell and support existing Nokia X products.

To win in the higher price segments, we will focus on delivering great breakthrough products in alignment with major milestones ahead from both the Windows team and the Applications and Services Group. We will ensure that the very best experiences and scenarios from across the company will be showcased on our products. We plan to take advantage of innovation from the Windows team, like Universal Windows Apps, to continue to enrich the Windows application ecosystem. And in the very lowest price ranges, we plan to run our first phones business for maximum efficiency with a smaller team.

We expect these changes to have an impact to our team structure. With our focus, we plan to consolidate the former Smart Devices and Mobile Phones business units into one phone business unit that is responsible for all of our phone efforts. Under the plan, the phone business unit will be led by Jo Harlow with key members from both the Smart Devices and Mobile Phones teams in the management team. This team will be responsible for the success of our Lumia products, the transition of select future Nokia X products to Lumia and for the ongoing operation of the first phone business.

As part of the effort, we plan to select the appropriate business model approach for our sales markets while continuing to offer our products in all markets with a strong focus on maintaining business continuity. We will determine each market approach based on local market dynamics, our ability to profitably deliver local variants, current Lumia momentum and the strategic importance of the market to Microsoft. This will all be balanced with our overall capability to invest.

Our phone engineering efforts are expected to be concentrated in Salo, Finland (for future, high-end Lumia products) and Tampere, Finland (for more affordable devices). We plan to develop the supporting technologies in both locations. We plan to ramp down engineering work in Oulu. While we plan to reduce the engineering in Beijing and San Diego, both sites will continue to have supporting roles, including affordable devices in Beijing and supporting specific US requirements in San Diego. Espoo and Lund are planned to continue to be focused on application software development.

We plan to right-size our manufacturing operations to align to the new strategy and take advantage of integration opportunities. We expect to focus phone production mainly in Hanoi, with some production to continue in Beijing and Dongguan. We plan to shift other Microsoft manufacturing and repair operations to Manaus and Reynosa respectively, and start a phased exit from Komaron, Hungary.

We plan that this would result in an estimated reduction of 12,500 factory direct and professional employees over the next year. These decisions are difficult for the team, and we plan to support departing team members’ with severance benefits.

More broadly across the Devices team, we will continue our efforts to bring iconic tablets to market in ways that complement our OEM partners, power the next generation of meetings & collaboration devices and thoughtfully expand Windows with new interaction models. With a set of changes already implemented earlier this year in these teams, this means there will be limited change for the Surface, Xbox hardware, PPI/meetings or next generation teams.

We recognize these planned changes are broad and have very difficult implications for many of our team members. We will work to provide as much clarity and information as possible. Today and over the coming weeks leaders across the organization will hold town halls, host information sharing sessions and provide more details on the intranet.

The team transferring from Nokia and the teams that have been part of Microsoft have each experienced a number of remarkable changes these last few years. We operate in a competitive industry that moves rapidly, and change is necessary. As difficult as some of our changes are today, this direction deliberately aligns our work with the cross company efforts that Satya has described in his recent emails. Collectively, the clarity, focus and alignment across the company, and the opportunity to deliver the results of that work into the hands of people, will allow us to increase our success in the future.




After 63 Years of Marriage, Husband and Wife Die on the Same Day | CNS News

Barbara and Bob Pettis, of Holdenville, Oklahoma, had a bond so strong, even death couldn’t seem to part the married couple of 63 years.

Photo - Top, left:  Bob and Barbara (Case) Pettis embrace in the spring of 1951, before they got married. <strong></strong>

1951 was a magical year for Bob and Barbara Pettis - that was the year they said “I do” forever and “till death do us part.”  By the end of their lives, they were both Holdenville, Oklahoma school teachers, living and working in the community they loved.

Fast forwarded 63 years from their wedding day: Barbara (82 years old) is in a nursing home battling continued health problems and Bob (85 years old) is in the hospital with pneumonia. On June 30, 2014, Barbara lost her years-long battle in the morning. At 8:00 p.m. that same night, Bob joined his wife.  The couple’s son, Clay Pettis, says he’s not surprised Bob and Barbara both died on the same day:

"I don’t believe in coincidences, and I didn’t sit down and tell Dad that Mama was gone. But I’m sure he knew.  They [Bob and Barbara] weren’t all ‘smoochy-woochy, touchy-wouchy,’ but in their voices, and the way they looked at each other, you could see their love. Just in the little things."


Obama ex-Secret Service agent warns of new power grab

'It's not just the president, it's his anointed aristocrats'Dan Bongino and President Obama
Dan Bongino and President Obama
WASHINGTON – After swearing an oath to protect the life of Barack Obama and then resigning, one former Secret Service agent is calling the president out for an alarming overreach of power he claims is risking the lives of Americans.

“The president has abdicated his duty to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, especially where illegal immigration is concerned,” Dan Bongino told WND in an interview.

A 12-year veteran of the Secret Service and candidate for Congress in Maryland’s Sixth District, he called the current state of the U.S. border “the most unsecure situation you could possibly imagine.”

“We’re not escorting these people out, we’re escorting them into the country,” he said.

Bongino, who during his time with the Secret Service guarded Obama, is the author of the New York Times bestselling “Life Inside the Bubble: Why a Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away from It All.” The book offers an intimate look at life inside the presidential “bubble,” a haze of staffers, consultants, cronies, acolytes, bureaucrats and lobbyists that creates the “alternate reality” in which monumental policy decisions are made.

And it is the story of a dedicated Secret Service professional who, after years inside the bubble, walked away in favor of sounding a clarion call to the American people in defense of sane government and the U.S. Constitution.

“I walked away because I swore to take a bullet for the president and left it all behind to take a bullet for the American people,” Bongino said.

Believing that the president is either grossly incompetent or just doesn’t care, Bongino says: “Either way, it leads to a downfall of our way of life. It’s only a question of speed, it’s not a question of if.”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/07/obama-ex-secret-service-agent-warns-of-new-power-grab/#6gv6uBM9gAAoDRZW.99

Report: Glare from Solar Power Plant Endangering Flights over California

Newly-released federal reports indicate that glare from California’s Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in San Bernardino County poses an aviation risk for those flying between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

The federally-funded Sandia National Laboratories report, which was released on July 17, shows that mirrored heliostats, which use energy from the sun to reflect heat onto the 397-megawatt solar power tower plant, produce dangerous glare when they are placed in “standby” mode, according to KCET. 

The report, entitled ”Evaluation of Glare at the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System,” says that when the heliostats are in standby position (which means they are not aimed directly at the plant’s boilers but rather towards the sky), they “can cause visual afterimages for observers as distant as six miles from the power plant.” This could pose potential problems for pilots flying in the airspace over the Ivanpah Valley. 

In March of this year, KCET wrote a story about pilots who were complaining that glares from the mirrors were interfering with crews’ ability to scan the sky for nearby aircraft, potentially resulting in mid-air collisions. Approximately 120 commercial aircraft reportedly fly between McCarran and Los Angeles-area airports during the week. The figure does not include a large number of private aircraft, which KCET notes fly through the region’s Mojave skies.

In May, “California Department of Transportation aeronautics chief Gary Cathey said in an email to the California Energy Commission (CEC)… that a May 8 overflight of the Ivanpah plant ‘generated the brightest, most extensive amount of glare that I’ve seen in my aviation career — and I have been flying since 1986.’”

In March, the Ivanpah plan’s owner, Energy Services, issued a response to state regulators that the mirrored heliostats had not yet been “calibrated,” which is why the glare was occurring, notes KCET. The issue has yet to be fixed.

Another facility, called the Palen Solar Electric Generating System, is being considered for approval by the CEC. The Palen facility would be significantly larger than the one in Ivanpah and yield similar and presumably even greater glare problems. An in-depth analysis of the situation at hand can be found here on the KCET website. Those hearings are reportedly scheduled to take place in Blythe, CA  between July 29-31.


Former Border Patrol Chief: ‘1 in 5’ Illegals Has Criminal Record

Marc Faber is sounding warning bell, again | America’s Markets

Marc Faber poses by two statues in Hong Kong. Photo courtesy of Marc Faber
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Marc Faber poses by two statues in Hong Kong. Photo courtesy of Marc Faber

Swiss investor Marc Faber, editor and publisher of “The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report,” sees his role as matador to an overwrought bull market. Known as Dr. Doom for his perennially bearish outlook on the stock market, he is again predicting the Standard & Poor’s 500 is due for a 30% correction. Faber hasn’t been right in a long time though he lays claim to warning of the ’87 market crash and the 2008 financial crisis. He recently spoke by telephone with USA TODAY‘s Cameron Saucier. Here are his comments, edited for clarity and length:

Q: You have been emphasizing that tech stocks are overvalued. Could you be more specific?

A: I think that Social media stocks are in a bubble phase. I also think that a lot of biotech stocks are in a bubble phase. Aside from the fact that the entire market is in a bubble phase, these are two sectors that I would regard as highly priced. In the tech space, anything to do with cloud computing is overvalued. There is a lot of competition that will come in and depress prices for these services. I wouldn’t buy these stocks.


Hamas’ Strategy is Working | The Blog on Obama: White House Dossier

These leaders of Hamas, you have to give them credit. They understand people like Kerry and Obama better than the president and his secretary of state understand themselves.

Hamas planned out this conflict knowing that it could count on the Obama Foreign Policy Doctrine, which amounts to a knee-jerk reaction of support for any group of people supposedly seeking “freedom” or sustaining casualties.

And so it baited Israel with missiles, knowing that the Israelis eventually would have no choice but to react. And then it refused a ceasefire and invited an Israeli invasion, knowing that the civilian deaths would pile up and world opinion – AND OBAMA AND KERRY OPINION – would soon turn against the Israelis.

And of course, the White House and the State Department are freaking out and demanding that Israel cease and desist. Israel will eventually comply, because it needs America – and therefore Obama – and Hamas will get to keep what remains of its tunnels and rebuild the rest.

Then, Israel’s ability to embark on forceful actions for at least the near future will be limited. And the Palestinians will have scored another PR coup, gaining the further sympathy of the world and of America’s gullible, feckless leadership.



Sen. Feinstein: The U.S. Is Now At Cold War Levels With Russia “Putin, you have to man up,” Feinstein told CNN’s Candy Crowley.

Doug Ross @ Journal: DHS INSIDER: The TSA is Letting Illegal Aliens Bypass Airport Security to Board Planes

By Judicial Watch

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is allowing illegal immigrants go around airport security to catch planes without a photo identification required of all other passengers, a high-level DHS source tells Judicial Watch.

It appears to be part of an Obama administration plan to expedite the transfer of tens of thousands of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC)—mostly from Central America—that have entered the country through Mexico in the last few months. They are mostly coming in through the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and authorities there are incredibly overwhelmed by the sudden influx.

To ease the load, the Obama administration is transferring the UACs—more than 53,000 by the government’s count—to other parts of the country, including Florida, Nebraska and Massachusetts. Apparently a large number of UACs are being transported to their new destination on airplanes. Most don’t have a valid identification and are being allowed to board aircrafts with a slip of paper, JW’s Homeland Security source says.

Specifically, JW’s government source reveals that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is letting the illegal aliens surpass security at the El Paso airport in Texas. “They are catching airplanes at EP Airport, TSA is letting them go around security,” the DHS official confirms. “No picture ID, just a slip of paper.” This indicates that the passengers’ true identity has not been clearly established. It’s not unreasonable to conclude this could present a national security threat.

In the meantime, American citizens and legal residents must present a valid photo ID, provided by a certified government agency, before setting foot on a plane at any airport in the United States. The TSA, the famously inept agency created to protect the nation’s transportation system (mainly airports), after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, also makes law-abiding passengers take off their shoes, jackets and empty their pockets. We have come to accept this as a necessary national security measure.

Exempting illegal immigrants whose true identities are unknown to federal authorities seems irrational to say the least. In the last few weeks JW has reported, based on information provided by inside government sources, some of the desperate measures taken by the administration as it tries to cope with the barrage of UACs. From the start the influx created an out-of-control disaster with jam-packed holding centers, rampant diseases and sexually active teenagers at a Nogales facility, according to JW’s sources.

Military bases—including Ft. Sill in Oklahoma, Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio and the Ventura County Naval Base in Southern California—across the country are being used as makeshift shelters and infectious diseases largely eradicated in this country are spreading like wildfire. This includes swine flu, dengue fever Ebola virus and tuberculosis, according to a U.S. Congressman who is also a medical doctor. JW obtained a letter that the lawmaker, Phil Gingrey of Georgia, wrote to the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) outlining the “severe and dangerous” crisis and demanding information on how the agency is handling the situation.

You can support the important work of JudicialWatch by clicking here.


Texas Town Swamped with Dead Bodies, 911 Calls 70 Miles From the Border

Texas Town Swamped with Dead Bodies, 911 Calls 70 Miles From the Border

Brooks County is too far from the border to receive federal funds for illegal immigrants, but from the discovery of mass graves, illegals, including children, who roam aimlessly sometimes until dead from the heat and exhaustion, the current immigration crisis is far from confined to the border.

Zamarripa, 27, is one of 15 reserve deputies brought in to assist the Brooks County Sheriff’s Office, whose four deputies have lately found themselves overwhelmed by 911 calls from migrants stranded on the vast ranches that stretch from here to the horizon in all directions. 

Then there are the bodies of migrants who didn’t make it to retrieve and identify: 42 so far this year.

Deputies and human rights volunteers are trying to keep up with events; however, the impression is, they are overwhelmed.

Most attention to the crisis on the Southwest border has focused in recent weeks on the Rio Grande Valley, where many of the 57,000 unaccompanied children and a large number of families have crossed from Mexico since October, twice last year’s total. Many surrender to immigration agents willingly at the Rio Grande, aware that they will be allowed to stay pending immigration court hearings.

According to Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Urbino “Benny” Martinez, officers have been catching 30 to 40 immigrants in the county a week, about double the number six months ago.

An exploding numbers of illegals, may of them children, think they are nearing what some call the ‘promised land’ of Houston, the destination for most. Unfortunately, the city is actually hundreds of miles away and the landscape, along with the weather is deceptively unwelcome.

May get lost, or simply aren’t fit enough to survive the trek, which often includes deceptive directions from smugglers. More and more bodies, may of them children, have been turning up each week as the crisis continues.

Smugglers generally ferry immigrants in groups from the valley up to a road south of the Border Patrol checkpoint. The immigrants are expected to skirt the checkpoint and walk along back roads and through the brush 25 to 30 miles north to another road known as a pickup point.

Some are misled by the smugglers.

"We had one a few weeks ago, they told him when they dropped him off he only had to walk a few miles to reach his final destination: Houston," Aguirre said.

Houston is 270 miles north.

"They see the lights and think it’s Houston," Aguirre said. "When we tell them it’s Falfurrias, that they’re far away, they give up."


Two Americans Killed Helping Israel Fight Hamas

FALFURRIAS, Texas—Two Americans were killed in the Israeli war against Hamas on Saturday. One of the men was a Texan with dual U.S.-Israeli citizenship. The two were killed when an APC they were riding in was struck by a Hamas anti-tank weapon.

The Texan was identified as Sean Carmeli, according to an article on the website JPUPDATES. The other American was identified Max Steinberg.

The identities of the men were confirmed by a government official who spoke to Breitbart Texas on condition of anonymity.

Carmeli was from the town of South Padre, Texas, according to his Facebook page. He attended Saint Joseph Academy, a private high school located north of the city of Brownsville, Texas. He was currently living in Ra’anana, Israel.

The two soldiers were part of a team of seven Israeli soldiers who were killed in the attack by the anti-tank missile that was fired from a home in Gaza, according to JPUPDATES

An Israeli intelligence officer said Israel has gone “far beyond its original parameters,” according to the JPUPDATES article. “We are no longer looking at just dismantling the tunnel network [from Gaza to Israel]. The goals of Operation Defensive Edge are now to cripple Hamas, so they will not be able to strike us again in a few years.” JPUPDATES cites BuzzFeed as their source for these comments.

Bob Price is a staff writer and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.


Doug Ross @ Journal: CHANGE: Since Obama became President, 1.5 MILLION people have been added to secret “suspected terrorist” list

It would seem that the era of hope and change ended about the time that Barack Obama took his oath of office.

The scale of the [federal government’s] secret [terror] blacklist was revealed in a civil suit over the Terrorist Screening Database, and it shocked the judge.

99 percent of the names submitted to the list are accepted; the court called this “wildly loose.” The database has grown from 227,932 names in 2009 to its current stratospheric heights. There is no official, public procedure for having your name removed from the list. The US government is seeking to end the trial by invoking state secrecy.

The Associated Press has the raw stats:

In fiscal 2009, which ended Sept. 30, 2009, 227,932 names were nominated to the database. In fiscal 2010, which includes the months after the attempted Christmas bombing, nominations rose to 250,847. In fiscal 2012, they increased to 336,712, and in fiscal 2013 — the most recent year provided — nominations jumped to 468,749.

…[The judge] said a secret filing he received from the government partially explaining its rationale for invoking state secrets was inadequate… Earlier this year, Trenga rejected a previous government effort to get the case dismissed.

The Alexandria case follows a ruling last month by a federal judge in Oregon that found people placed on the list have no adequate means to challenge their status. She ordered the government to develop a better means for seeking redress from placement on the list. The government has not yet decided whether to appeal that ruling.

I wonder how many Constitutional conservatives and other proponents of smaller government are on that list?

So let’s summarize: we have an utterly lawless Department of Justice, a TSA that allows illegal aliens to board planes without identification, a president freeing hard-core terrorist leaders, and a border that is unguarded and completely open.

Meanwhile, the administration is adding millions of names to a secret terrorist watch list.

What could possibly go wrong?


Deadly mosquito virus reported in eastern Mass.